Dachstein Gosau Station de ski - Vacances au ski ŕ Dachstein Gosau

Dachstein Gosau, Location de Vacances

I really go for that island!

For all passengers with destination airport Dachstein West:

When the mist clears and the Dachstein silhouette emerges on the horizon, when the family snow starts gleaming in the sunshine and your yearning to see distant places comes to a sudden end, then you definitely are on the landing approach to the most beautiful holiday destination of winter 2007/08.

Your destination airport will rise like an island above the sea of the Alpine peaks,
between 780 m and 2100 m high. There it is, in the very heart of Austria, the ski resort Dachstein West, Gosau - Russbach - Annaberg. While many mainland valleys sink into fog and clouds, the friendly islanders have already prepared 140 km of trails with snow guaranteed, made up the beds, put up the sunshades on the snow beaches and prepared delicious ‘island’ specialities for you. The vacation island in the mountains not only features a splendid panorama, but also a wide range of runs for the whole family, for novices, intermediates and experts.
State-of-the-art lift facilities provide fast access to the alpine scenery from where you will glide down on well groomed snow.

Dachstein Gosau Station de ski

Informations générales

Altitude minimum: 780 m
Altitude maximum: 2100 m


Aéroport le plus proche: Salzburg, 65 km
Gare la plus proche: Steeg-Gosau, 15 km
Bus direct à partir de la gare
Navette directe de la gare

Informations sur les pistes

Toutes: 140 km
Longueur de la plus longue piste: 2 km

Neige artificielle
Ski nocturne

Bleues: 12 km
Rouges: 113 km
Noires: 15 km


Remontées mécaniques pour enfants (tapis)
Remontées mécaniques pour enfants
Parc pour les enfants
Piste pour les enfants
Remontée mecanique