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Arabba Marmolada, Location de Vacances

Arabba Marmolada Dolomiti Superski: First Italian Ski Vacation Possibility

What would the world do without skiing in Italy? This hard-to-fathom hypothesis was a reality back in the 1940s until the later 1960s. The Arabba Marmolada Dolomiti Superski wasn’t back then what it is today - one of the most important skiing areas in not only Italy but also Europe.

Most of the Arabba Marmolada Dolomiti Superski skiing takes places at the base of the Marmolada Glacier, often referred to in the local language as the "Queen of the Dolomites". After skiing took off after the World War(s), hundreds of people flocked here to get the neccessary fun and skiing. Back then there was no cableway (1957) or drag, chair, cable lift or gondola to transport skiers to the top. Back then a ski holiday was more work and involved trudging uphill for hours at a time.

Nowadays due to technology the 3342 m altitude can be reached in a matter of mere minutes, not hours. The difficult journey is now accessible just 160 km from the nearest airport in Venezia (Venice).
Skiers, snowboarders and outdoor enthusiasts alike can get off at the Belluno railway station and grab a direct bus for Arabba Marmolada Dolomiti Superski in no time.

There are 31 ski runs with 62 km. Since Arabba Marmolada Dolomiti Superski is so high, the longest ski run lasts for 12 km - what a ride! Of course, the same ski pass gives patrons access to the Dolomiti Superski area.

Much of the lodging here is either apartment or hotel style, though chalets and villas are rentable, too.

An Arabba Marmolada Dolomiti Superski hotel is usually a three to four star hotel, many boast a built-in sauna or other form of relaxation. The apartments can be self-catering and can accommodate a number of families and friends.

If you love pure adrenalin, then try out the joys of driving a motor sledge. Once mastered, you can progress on to night time guided excursions. Alternatively, the young and old alike are amused when they take to the ice on skates accompanied by the sound of music at the Arabba ice rink.

For the ultimate relaxation, you can lie on the sunbed and soak up the sun's rays on the hotel terraces. And to regain the energy, there are the Beauty and Wellness centres in the hotels which are equipped to take care of the body and provide the perfect tranquil environment in which to immerse oneself.

Arabba Marmolada Station de ski

Informations générales

Altitude minimum: 1100 m
Altitude maximum: 3342 m


Aéroport le plus proche: Bolzano, 75 km
Gare la plus proche: Belluno, 75 km
Bus direct à partir de la gare
Navette directe de la gare

Informations sur les pistes

Toutes: 62 km
Longueur de la plus longue piste: 12 km
Domaine nordique: 15 km

Neige artificielle
Ski nocturne

Bleues: 25 km
Rouges: 28 km
Noires: 9 km


Remontées mécaniques pour enfants (tapis)
Remontées mécaniques pour enfants
Parc pour les enfants
Piste pour les enfants
Remontée mecanique