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More than 1,000,000 users annually. In 2018, MountVacation has helped to provide travelers from 40 different countries with an ideal vacation. MountVacation is the only reservation platform specialized for hotels and apartments in the Alps.

We live in a time when all the information is available on the internet. Unfortunately, both the good and the bad. We also live in a time when everyone has chronically lack of time. Accommodation providers are working on their distribution channels and potential travelers are browsing countless web platforms, travel agencies and accommodation providers.

That's why we have developed MountVacation platform. It is designed from the aspect of a hotelier or hotel owners, accommodation providers in the Alps and on the other hand, the preferences of the travelers, how they want to receive information, what services they want to book and how they can do it.

MountVacation is currently the only platform that actually helps solving the challenges without making adjustments on offering of the accommodation providers.

Direct guests without commission

The accommodation provider does not pay a fee for direct guests. This is one of the wishes of all providers. MountVacation publishes direct phone numbers for providers so that guests can communicate directly with the accommodation providers.

Online bookings in 8 languages

If a traveler desires so, they can also make an online reservation, with which MountVacation also offers assistance for the travelers: customer care, the ability to package local services, transfers, insurance, visa arrangements, etc.

Partner Network

Do you want more visibility? Offer all your offers to more than 600 MountVacation partners (agencies, tour operators, online portals, coupon pages, etc.). You can only use this option for certain days, seasons, tariffs or the entire offer.

We are confident that we have the ideal technological solution for all your challenges as a supplier. We have been upgrading the MountVacation system since 2008, and are suitable for small vendors who need a simple solution with no major commitments, as well as for large vendors who are creative in their offerings.

The system is safe and tested for all, as a customer you pay directly to the providers on terms that you can customize to your needs.

Options pour l'inclusion de votre hebergement


from 450 € annual with
with only 8% reservation fee!

Tour Operator

Reservation fee,
with no annual subscription fees!

Included in price

Platform Tour Operator
Automatic calculation of long stay discount
Basic Extranet
Free Extranet booking system
Booking on request possible
Daily deals offers
Payment conditions control
Cancellation conditions control
Extra bed dscounts
Included in the price
Supplements (mandatory and non mandatory)
Different markets targeting
Addition of ski passes possible
Extra bed supplement
Automatic supplement calculation
Automatic discount calculation
Automatic "Non refundable" discount calculation
Early Booking discount
Last minute discount
Last available rooms display
Without commission
Publishing by agregators
Publishing by tourist agents
Publishing by affiliates
Contingent obligatory
Annual fee pricelist Platform Tour Operator
Commission on rendered services 8 %
Rooms on stock obligatory 2
Distribution of stock