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Interlaken, Location de Vacances

Jungfrau - Grindelwald, Mürren and Interlaken- Ski Holidays With So Much
The Jungfrau - Grindelwald, Mürren and Interlaken ski areas are often considered as not only Europe’s most historic ski areas, but also its most stunning and photogenic ones. Incidentally, “Interlaken” means “between the lakes”. Jungfrau - Grindelwald, Mürren and Interlaken skiing redefines the meaning of good and great skiing—of course, the latter is what prevails in the region. That not only includes Grindelwald, Mürren and Interlaken, but also Wengen. Back in the early 1880's, in Grindelwald (Berne), an English fellow named Gerald Fox strapped his skis on, pranced out of his hotel room and down the slopes he went. Since then, numerous skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts followed, of course lacing up boots and strapping on skis and boards out-of-doors. Jungfrau - Grindelwald, Mürren and Interlaken and all the Jungfrau Top Ski Area has access to 213 km of slopes. There are around 20 ski lifts in Grindelwald alone that are capable of handling 40.000+ skiers and boarders per hour, therefore queues never get long and head up the mountain quickly. Going from one resort to the next, however, sometimes requires a small rail or coach ride. Travel from Grindelwald to Mürren, for instance, necessitates using an alternate transport, as Mürren is not lift linked. There are 81 total slopes and one maximum vertical drop of nearly 2.200 meters over 16 km. The blue runs have 70 km, the red runs 105 km and the black runs 19 km. If it feels as if intermediates get unfair and better treatment, it is just that most skiers are neither expert nor beginners but somewhere inbetween. One ski pass gives total access to the entire Jungfrau region, with the Bern airport only 70 km away and the railway dropping skiers and snowboarders off at any one of the three onsite train stops.
Two- to five-star hotels await those who cannot wait to hit the slopes. The hotels and apartments in the Jungfrau area of Switzerland have so much to offer, it is hard to list all the available amenities here. Panoramic mountain views, lakeside cottages, chalets, as well as independent lodges and hostels are just a smidgen of the top choices. Some of the accommodation offer spa and massage services while others have onsite bars, discos, restaurants and activities. And some have it all. Lake lodges, backpacker hotels and family-geared chalets are just the tip of the glacier in Jungfrau.

Jungfrau Interlaken: A Ski Vacation Between The Lakes

Up in the canton of Bern in Switzerland lies one of the most attractive skiing destinations in Europe - Interlaken - the name a derivative of inter lacus or "between the lakes", referring to the Thun and Brienz Lakes on either side of the town. Interlaken is quite small, but tourist, skiers, backpackers and hikers trod through to take in the beautiful scenery, especially the Jungfrau at 4.158 meters in the distance. The small town surprisingly has two funicular railways and two railway stations. Interlaken is part of the Jungfrau Top Ski Region, encompassing over 160 km of trails. The median ski run length is six to twelve kilometers, offering a different ski area for each day of the week, accessible with the Jungfrau Sportpass. Beginners have 30%, intermediates have 50% and advanced have 20% of the ski slopes. The skiing is unsurpassed and the beauty is unforgiving. The summer brings a multitude of water sports enthusiasts.
Interlaken hotels consistently receive good reviews in favor of the cleanliness of the accommodation, the accessibility of the slopes and the views of the surrounding scenery. Any one of the Interlaken lodges is a great place to spend the evening, though with luxury comes, of course, a Swiss price. Some reasonable prices emerge during the low season.

Jungfrau Wengen: An Active and Unbeatable Ski Holiday
The Jungfrau Region in Switzerland is renowned for its varying levels of ski slopes and nature. A Wengen ski vacation in the Jungfrau region yields 100 km of groomed pistes. Wengen is an enjoyable place for beginners, as there are roughly 75 ski teachers teaching in all the European languages.
Wengen is a treat for families because of kindergarten classes that can last a half to a full day - getting away from the kids has never been so easy and worry-free. Wengen hotels are equipped with everything from billiards to bowling alleys, saunas to solariums. When tired of downhill, there are nearly 20 km of cross-country skiing routes near Lauterbrunnen. Heliskiing or helicopter sightseeing trips are affordable. Moreover, indoor swimming pools, tennis and basketball courts keep habitués busy while others hit the outdoor escarpments. In summer, Wengen is a hiker’s dream with over 500 km of marked hiking trails; there are folklore shows, outdoor theatres, markets and culture to spare. Young and elderly alike can enjoy a week or two in Wengen.
Wengen Accommodation:
Wengen has a wealth of dormitories for snowboarders, alpine hotels for families, apartments for friends, and full-board hotels for everyone in between. Additionally, there are plenty of beds to go around during high and low season, with pricing equivalent to other Swiss ski resorts.

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Interlaken Station de ski

Informations générales

Altitude minimum: 796 m
Altitude maximum: 2971 m


Aéroport le plus proche: Bern, 70 km
Gare la plus proche: Grindelwald, Wengen, Lauterbrunnen, 0 km
Bus direct à partir de la gare
Navette directe de la gare

Informations sur les pistes

Toutes: 213 km
Domaine nordique: 31 km

Neige artificielle
Ski nocturne

Bleues: 70 km
Rouges: 105 km
Noires: 35 km


Remontées mécaniques pour enfants (tapis)
Remontées mécaniques pour enfants
Parc pour les enfants
Piste pour les enfants
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